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 Level Design
 Creating Terrain
Creating Terrain Terrains are simply a collection of triangles arranged in such a way to look like organic shapes. The methods and technologies needed to create this illusion can be time consuming to learn, but once mastered will give a map a much needed visual boost.

This is a comprehensive guide on creating terrain using the latest features of the q3map2 compiler.
 Terrain Blending
Terrain Blending Once the terrain has been built and the textures choosen the next part is working out the best way to blend it all together. This article starts with a basic two material cross fade and eventually finishes with a more complex multi-layer blending system.

This is a step by step guide to terrain blending using the latest features of the q3map2 compiler.
 Rockwall Corridors
Rockwall Corridors This article is a step by step guide to creating a low polygon rock wall. With the right kind of detail and lighting this method should give an adequate impression of freeform rock.

The method described can be scaled up or down in complexity so that some areas can appear higher in detail than others.
 Rockwall Detail
Rockwall Detail Adding detail to maps can be time consuming but if done in several different phases it can produce better results.

Using the Rockwall Corridors method first and then adding different templates after, the original pattern can be broken and the overall structure will start to feel more unique.
 Phong Shading
Phong Shading Phong shading is all about creating the illusion of more detail from less. By reducing the contrasting light differences across triangle edges, the exact outline of the brushwork is hidden by soft shadows.

This articles shows how to setup and use Phong Shading for a Q3 type engine using shaders and brushwork surfaces.
 2 Point Clipping
2 Point Clipping The first type of brush you will probably create is a square shape. There is only so many things you can do with a square brush before you will want to cut it up into more interesting shapes.

This article is a good foundation for the understanding of more advanced brush manipilation techniques.
 3D Puzzle Logic
3D Puzzle Logic The map Edge of Forever was a single-player puzzle experience created for a multi-player engine. This was made possible because of few entities that could be arranged into logic gates which allowed basic puzzles to be created.

This article will show how to make logic gates from entities to create single player style puzzles.
 Triggerable Shaders
Triggerable Shaders One of the primary effects used in the map Edge of Forever was to trigger shaders between different states. It was an essential component of the environmental immersion because it gave valuable feedback to the player.

This article shows how to implement and avoid the problems of swapping shaders in a SP/DM style map.
 RTCW Scripting
Scripted Doors Basic Lift
How to create a scripted door which can be operated by 2 levers. This can also be applied to any script_mover entity which needs to be operated by buttons / levers / panels etc.
How to create a basic up/down lift which can operated by 4 button panels. The control panels use different coloured lights to represent which panel is active.
Advanced Lift
How to create an advanced lift system which can be operated by 2 control panels or change direction while moving up/down the lift shaft.
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