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This is a collection of hand drawn egyptian style textures drawn by me with the exception of the detail / relief wall designs. All of the textures that I have created draw inspiration from patterns, textiles, walls and ancient jewellery of Egypt.

Due to not much realistically remaining of the original Egyptian architecture, some of the patterns and styles that I have used will have other influences. Towards the end of the Egyptian empire, Roman/Greek influence were very strong. With some temples being modified with niche and flanking columns of Roman origin.

During much of the Late Period, the Egyptian empire was ruled by outside forces. Some of these new rulers sysmatically destroyed temples and large sections of Egypt's past. Eventually in AD 383 the coming of Christianity ordered all pagan temples throughout the empire to be closed. Followed closely by persecution of pagans and destruction of their religious structures, this really was the final nail in the coffin.

Eventually Egypt's ancient pharaonic past became just stories and legends, as the people who built these mighty structures moved on and forgot the past. The few temples which were abandoned and were distant from major populations fared best and remain today as the most perfectly preserved examples.

032-01a 032-02b
032-03c 032-04d
032-05c 032-06b
048-02e 048-01b
064-01a 064-02b
064-03c 064-04b
064-05a 064-07b
128-02a 128-03c
128-05c 128-05j
256-01a 256-03d
v064-01c v064-02b v064-03c v128-01c v128-03g
Stone 07a Stone 09d
JP1A Gold M1B Gold

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