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 Ogre Fortress (Q1AD)      
Diagonal Point Gold Key Door Front Bridge The Crypt

 Background Information
This map is part of Arcane Dimensions mod.

 Map Information
Map TypeQuake SP only
RequirementArcane Dimensions MOD
Skill LevelsEasy 42, Normal 69, Hard 96 - Monsters
DevelopmentSix weeks
TexturesMostly ID textures with a couple by me
SourceMap included in the ZIP file

-ID software for creating Quake
-Additional map feedback and testing by Giftmacher and Ionous
-BSP/VIS/Light Compilers - v0.16.0 by Eric Wasylishen
-TexMex 3.4 by Mike Jackman (good for organizing textures)
-AdQuedit 1.3 by Hicks Goldrush (perfect for pak files)

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