The Parthenon is the crowning glory of Athens, standing tall atop of the Acropolis surrounded on all sides by a sea of urbanization far below. Built by architects Iktinos and Kallikrates between 447 and 431 BC, the Parthenon is a classic example of the Doric Order of Architecture and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments.

The Parthenon was once described as 'the most perfect Doric temple ever built' with architectural refinements as the subtle curvature of the stylobate, the taper of the naos walls and the entasis of the columns. Sadly the temple has suffered much misfortune over the years and in 1687 the Ottoman Turks used the Acropolis for the storage of gunpowder, which partly destroyed the temple when it was struck by a Venetian mortar.

Nowadays this historic site is littered with scaffolding, cranes and many piles of stonework as restoration work has been carried out by the Greek government since 1975. Large amounts of sculptures have been transported down the hill to the new Acropolis Museum which is ironically more interesting than the ancient site itself.
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