La Pedrera (meaning 'The Quarry') also known as Casa Milà is located near the centre of Barcelona and was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. The building was commissioned by a married couple (Rosario Segimon and Pere Milà) and was Gaudí's last civil project which was built between 1906 and 1910.

The facade of the building is a sea of glass, metal and concrete undulating in and out towards the street with wrought-iron balconies sprouting like weeds from the gaps, on a site that looks like it was grown organically from the foundation upwards. Restored to its former glory in 1996 after years of decay, the site has a remarkably distinct construction style that even today is rarely matched or duplicated by anyone else.

The attic space flows around the top of the building with a rib cage of inverted catenary arch shapes and small spot light windows bursting through the skin like walls. The icing on the cake is a roller coaster roof space stepping up and down past surreal sculptures and chimneys resembling medieval knights. After the panoramic views of the city there is a quick conveyor belt ride through one of the top floor apartments showing a glimpse of the past with enough bric-a-brac to fill to a sunday morning car boot sale.
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