Recently I went for a long hike up to a Glacier lake in the mountains north of Vancouver. The trail started out beneath tall shady tree that were covered in long tentacles of moss like the forest was home to giant spiders. After about an hour the trail climbed up about 800 meters via small mountain goat paths with the odd glimpse through the tree's of crashing water rapids far below. Due to so much rain the lower paths were all flooded and I had to climb up over huge rocky outcrops to continue on my journey. Eventually the trail led down to the waters edge of the lake and the view was breathtaking. The far side was surrounded by giant snowy mountains and the waters of the lake were a vivid light blue colour that looked so pure and fresh.

The forest floor was covered in lovely blue flowers that seem to create an endless carpet of colour. I spent some time trying to capture the right angle of the flowers in focus and the forest floor blurred. The flower buds looked like little fairy purses attached to the stems and the air was filled with a sweet smell as the flowers swayed in the breeze.
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