Rome seems to be the capital of churches with almost every street having some place away from the bustle of the cobbles to pause and reflect. The pinnacle of grandiose church design and has got to be St. Peter's Basilica located inside of the Vatican City. There is nothing quiet like it in scale and sheer architectural beauty and it is something that has got to be seen to be believed.

Every church had its own character and style which varied from simple white marble to the most elaborate use of gold. The Church of the Gesu has a very modest outside design but once through the front door, you can see the most amazing amount of detail covered in gold. The scale of the place is gigantic with arch upon arch leading upwards to the ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battista Gaulli.

The Sant'Ignazio church has an elegant front with a very clever dome painting inside that was designed to give the illusion of depth because the surface is actually flat. The ceiling fresco by Andrea Pozzo blends perfectly with the physical windows and has amazing detail with the depiction of additional arches extending upwards into the sky.
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