The Hungarian Parliament building is the crowning jewel in the architectural landscape of the city of Budapest with a symmetrical Neogothic facade, a sea of windows on all sides and a towering dome in the middle. This magnificent landmark was built (1885-1904) by Imre Steindl (1839-1902) who also designed the St. Elizabeth Church which is tucked away in Rózsák tere of the 7th District.

The building is 268 m (879 ft) long by 123 m (404 ft) wide and was built using 40 million bricks, half a million precious stones and 40 kilograms of gold. The outside of the building is adorned with 242 statues of famous Hungarian people and located above the windows are various coat of arms. The central dome has a rib vault ceiling with statues below of kings and queens watching over the Holy crown of Hungary.
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